Crisis management

Crisis preparedness plans are first and foremost about preventing crises from occurring. However, if or when a crisis strikes, it is important to have the right tools in place to respond swiftly and effectively.

Corporate Communications assists clients with the following:  

Crisis management plans:
We prepare corporations for times of crises by helping develop new crisis management plans, revise existing frameworks, or map available resources and preparedness tools. A thorough crisis management plan predefines roles, responsibilities, rules, and actions in order to ensure an as effective, appropriate and robust handling of the situation as possible.

Crisis training and seminars:
When the crisis management plan is in place, it is important that a company and its employees are familiar with the procedural framework. We offer the following customized crisis exercises that combine theory and practical training:

  • Full-scale exercises, including staged realistic scenarios or accidents with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Table-top exercises, where the company leadership is faced with a realistic scenario but without the use of external stakeholders

Crisis support:
Corporate Communications can provide a team with extensive strategic and operational experience in managing or assisting business through real emergencies and crises. Our advisors understand the dynamics of a crisis, and how to take control of a situation, rather than letting the situation control you.

Corporate Communications is available at short notice to support your company with strategic advice and operational capacity in a crisis situation. Call our 24/7-number: +47 210 53000 to get in touch with the crisis response team.



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