Media relations

Media and presentation training

Corporate Communications' advisers are among the nation's most experienced media trainers, many of whom have spent time in front of the microphone, either as journalists, communication directors, or by working closely with business leaders on a number of communication issues.

We tailor each media training session to best reflect participants’ every day work life, and to practice as realistic scenarios and challenges as possible.

Today’s media landscape is constantly developing. An increased number of outlets and platforms, increases the demand for faster and more effective responses. In our media training sessions, we address these challenges. We offer an introduction to basic media understanding, give participants the opportunity to work on fundamental presentation skills for various media platforms, and offer a valuable glimpse into the mindset of journalists. After an introductory lecture, the participants practice realistic scenarios, both on and off camera, followed by a playback of recordings with useful feedback from our experienced advisers.

The aim of our media training is to give each participant an increased understanding of, ability to cope with, and desire to participate in the media.

In addition to our traditional media training sessions, we offer courses on how to best use the media to increase visibility and put a message forward. We also offer strategic communication advice and can assist in developing clear messaging around particularly complex issues.

We offer debate training and on-camera practice sessions, either using our own equipment, or in a TV-studio in collaboration with our partner, Perplex Media.



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