Public Affairs and Government Relations

In a thriving democracy it is a given that anyone who wishes it, should be able to promote their interests. However, not everyone knows how to go about doing this as effectively as possible.

Corporate Communications’ advisors have a unique political experience. We have in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of political decision making processes. We know how decisions are made – and what influences them.

Both locally and nationally, being effective at government relations means understanding the political system and processes, as well as having access to the right political players.

Your chances to influence the premises, and thereby the outcome of a case, are always biggest early into the process. Political influence work takes time, and working systematically towards different decision makers is necessary to succeed.

Policies are not formed in a vacuum. Politicians are open to input and pay attention to movements in the populous. Create alliances, use the media, set the agenda!

We know how to make your case politically relevant, and how your organization or company can get involved in the political process at the right time. We work with both large and small clients and handle everything from single issues to long term assistance at a strategic level.

We advise on: 

  • Political analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Relationship building
  • Action plans
  • Setting the agenda



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